20 December 2014

Rocket Volum

Have to say I have been a fan of Maybelline mascaras since I first started wearing it back in my younger years. I definitely find myself going back to them if I venture out into other brands, I find Maybelline have got mascaras right to a T and never fail to disappoint me. The Rocket Volum Express Mascara is again another amazing mascara introduced to their range. I've tried 4 or 5 different Maybelline mascaras over the past few years, I have loved each one, but I do find myself getting bored of using the same one over and over again so I do like to opt for alternatives, especially trying out cheaper products in hope for them to have the same results... which doesn't seem to be working!
I love the brush of the Rocket mascara, and I find that it coats lashes with the right amount of volume in order to create a look that you could wear in the day, and one that you could transition into night with a few more coats and some fancy eye shadow/liner. The mascara for me lengthens my lashes amazingly, I was pleasantly surprised the first time I used this mascara, I was unsure where my lashes had came from!! The mascara does not clump unless you literally put on 6 or 7 coats, which lets be realistic is not needed! 
The mascaras are constantly on offer in boots and superdrug, and they are definitely worth the price as they do the job, last for a very long time and have amazing results. I constantly get asked what mascara I use, whether I'm on the till at work or at a party, and it's this one!

19 December 2014

1,2,3 Perfect..

I have to be completely honest and say I am yet to find my holy grail foundation. There is just something missing from each one I've dried or I can find fault with something or other. I'm very fussy, I will admit, but I've tried so many foundations over the last few years that you would think i'd have found one I could stick with by now.. unfortunately not.

The last foundation I have been trying is the 1,2,3 perfect foundation by Bourjois Paris. As a lover of their Healthy Mix in summer, I opted for this alternative with it being a higher coverage. The foundation contains 3 pigments in, one to reduce dark circles, one to remove dull complexion and the third to reduce redness. I can definitely say it helps reduce redness on your face, something I suffer with quite badly and always have done, but for reducing dark circles I don't think this foundation helps in any way, I still have to bring out my trusty concealer in order to hide those!!

The foundation dries matte, i'm not a matte lover as I suffer from extremely dry skin and throughout the day it can often go flaky, which I hate. I find that moisturising and priming before applying this foundation does reduce this slightly, and can wear the foundation for 4-5 hours before I begin to notice it coming off my face, but this is the same with most foundations I have tried. I have to say the lightest shade is still way to dark for me, so if you are extremely pale then please go and test before you buy! I can just about get away with it when I extremely blend it out.  Overall, for the high street foundation it has some impressive qualities. I'd opt for the Healthy Mix over this one if I had the choice, even though the Healthy Mix is less coverage I find it works better with my skin type.

15 December 2014

The body shop buys!

If you seen my post on Saturday, you will see that i've only recently started shopping at the body shop! (I know, crazy right!!) But when I made the order, I decided to pick up another treat for myself and also a gift to give to a close friend/family member over the Christmas period. 

I've just recently had my room redecorated, and I wanted something that would make it feel that little more homely. I find the Vanilla Brulee scent to be AMAZING. I love spraying this on my clothes as I walk out the door, or round my room as I enter. I've used this so much already and its showing barely any signs of use, so I know this is going to last me the longest time. The scent doesn't last for ages, which is the only downpoint I have about this product, but as its so cheap you don't mind spritzing it throughout the day. I love the glass bottles the sprays come in, they sit perfectly on my new dressing table and I can't wait to pick up a few more scents. The gift I chose was the red frosted cranberry set, and I thought whilst this was half price I couldn't find a better offer elsewhere. The packaging is even cute, and means that you don't necessarily need to wrap it, just place inside a gift bag and you're good to go. Inside you get a body butter, and also a shower gel which is a great gift idea for someone you know you need to buy for, but don't want to break the bank on a present. The body shop are doing great Christmas deals, so why don't you snap it up whilst you can get a discount? 

I couldn't be happier with my purchases, so I would definitely recommend that you head over to the body shop! I have been converted.. this could be extremely dangerous. x

12 December 2014


I'm never normally one to shop at the body shop after thinking everything in there was so expensive. To be honest, I only really seen it as a shop for gifts for those that love pampering and never really looked into anything properly. I've read and watched some amazing reviews about the body shop instablur, which I decided to pick up on a Black Friday deal with 50% off.. but don't worry, theres currently 40% off everything in the body shop if you hurry!!
I mainly heard of this product through Gabriella at velvetgh0st, and she raves about it. It is a primer, and it's main purpose is to maintain makeup throughout the day, applied directly underneath for a flawless base. I find this slightly pricey but I have to agree it does do its job. I normally go for primers that are are cream based as I find them easier to apply, but this a velvet touch almost gel consistency. I find this quite hard to spread on my face and therefore feel like I waste a bit more product, but overall I am pleased with the results that this product provides and would definitely repurchase in the future. 
If your looking for a new primer I'd definitely read into this one, as I find it keeps my makeup on for at least 8 hours a day!

1 December 2014

Santa Does Lush..

I finally went Christmas shopping and I feel a lot more organised!! I've probably spent way too much money, but hey its my first Christmas with a job so I finally do get to treat the special people in my life. I also picked up a couple of treats for myself, and one of them was this absolutely amazing Santa Cola Lip Scrub by LUSH. 
I sadly don't live near a Lush so I don't own any of the lipscrubs already, but I had heard great things about this one and once entering the Lush shop I knew it needed to come home with me. The lipscrubs are priced at £5.50 which at first does seem expensive, but honestly they will last ages as you only need the smallest amount. The Santa lipscrub is Cola flavoured, and is a sugary scrub which you apply and massage onto the lips, leaving for a few moments before licking off (yes you can eat it!) and I can honestly say I can already see a difference. I've seen other bloggers recommend using the lipscrubs before applying lipstick as an exfoliater for dead skin (especially in the winter) and I would have to say I agree on that note. 
This is sadly a limited edition product, but I have no doubts that this will last me a good while so i'm not too fussed, its also made me want to try the three other options, Mint Julips, Bubblegum and Popcorn! The Santa Lipscrub can be found on the Lush website, or in stores, and it's definitely worth it...