30 July 2015

Will you benefit from using Rollerlash?

Recently i've been loving Benefit's Roller Lash Mascara - and it's swiftly become my favourite mascara of all time. I honestly speak about this mascara to everyone who asks for a recommendation, I can definitely see myself repurchasing this numerous times, and whats better.. it's a much improved formula compared to they're real in my opinion!

First off is the packaging, whilst I love the silver tube of they're real I also love the packaging of this mascara, and feel as though they've been inspired by hair rollers when creating this mascara packaging! I love the pink lid and the font used too, and being pink its great for a girly makeup bag. The mascara wand in my opinion is much better than they're real - this one is smaller in size meaning I can get right into those little nippers in the corners and also providing curl, volume and length! This mascara really does work wonders for my lashes and god knows what i'd do without this mascara, as keeping up false lashes would cost a fortune.

The formula of the mascara is definitely lightweight in comparison to they're real and for that matter any other mascara's ive tried and means that even the thinnest of eyelashes can handle a few coats without feeling heavy which I love. Such a buildable mascara and you can definitely use that to your advantage when preparing for a night out on the town. Finally, I find this mascara sooooo much easier to remove than they're real - with Benefit having to bring out a remover for their previous mascara. This one comes off easily with makeup wipes, any micellar water or cleanser.. brilliant!

Benefit Roller Lash retails for £19.50 but definitely is worth the money and is available to buy here. Whats your favourite mascara?

29 July 2015

Well deserved Lunch!

Yesterday I went out for some well deserved lunch with my family and some family friends and it was lovely. I love going out for a bite to eat, especially with great company. We went to a chain of Hungry Horse - which was delicious, I went for sizzling chicken skewers with sweet chilli sauce, with a side salad, chips and onion rings! It was amazing, and definitely very filling - I didn't have any dinner afterwards haha!

They have great deals on throughout the week at Hungry Horse, kids eat for a £1 on a Monday, curry and a pint on a Wednesday etc.. and these are definitely worth taking advantage of especially during the summer holidays with children!

It's great to have a wind-down and chill whilst enjoying some lovely food and conversation, so yesterday was exactly what I needed! Let me know where your favourite place is for a meal, i'd love to know!

This post is not sponsored by Hungry Horse or any of their resteraunts, it is simply my own views.

28 July 2015

Ocean Salt Face And Body Scrub

I have only really began using any lush products in the past 6 or 7 months, before that they were always raved about but I genuinely thought they just sold bath bombs - and i'm definitely more of a shower person. I headed down to London in March to celebrate my 18th birthday, and whilst there found myself browsing the stands of the lush store. My skin was going through a phase of being spot prone, and I needed something to calm it down. This is where I turned to the ocean salt face and body scrub, and well lets say.. I've never looked back.

The first thing that interested me was the scent, it definitely smells like ocean salt - with ingredients including lime, grapefruit and coconut. This product is an exfoliator - and when first opened there were little blue beads which sat at the top of the product, ready to be mixed in. I prefer to use this product in the shower, so water has got into my tub and changed the colour and consistency of the product slightly which doesn't bother me at all. I find actually, like this its much easier to apply! I also love the fact this is a self-preserving srcub, so doesn't need to sit all forgotten about in the fridge - I can easily keep it in my bathroom and use it daily.

It is recommended to wet your face before applying the scrub - the reason I apply this in the shower. You scrub in circular motions which allows for the exfoliating process to occur, leave for a few minutes (again, why I use it in the shower, during this time I shampoo and condition my hair) and then wash off with clean water. My skin feels so much better after using this scrub, and I genuinely have seen a difference in my face looking clearer and smoother, being less prone to spots and my redness is reduced. My skin is already very dry so when I felt this scrub I was a little nervous, but have great pleasure in saying this does not dry up my skin at all - so suitable for dry, normal, combination and oily skin.. whilst i've heard many say it works wonders for acne prone skin too!

This little pot of goodness retails on the lush website here at £7.75 for 120g (the size I have) or £13.95 for 250g. Do you have any favourites from Lush?

24 July 2015

Daily dose of nude-ist..

The Rouge Edition Velvet by Bourjois in the shade 07 Nude-ist has swiftly become my go to lip colour, its a gorgeous dark nude shade which I find really compliments my skin tone - unlike many other nudes which seem to wash me out a little. I love the formula of this lipstick, it goes on like a gloss with the applicator, but after seconds it dries into a lovely matte shade which lasts all day! I find this lip colour to last through meals, with a slight top up required after consuming a few drinks.. but hey, it's staying power is better than some of my MAC lippies - so that tells you everything :)

These gorgeous Bourjois lip colours are retailing for £7.99 - but are soooo worth the price tag. I wear this shade to death, and I have came to the conclusion that its time to now own the whole range.. with all the colours being very wearable and buildable! If you see these around in your local Boots, Superdrug or even Tesco (that's where I purchased mine - staff discount and all!!) then please swatch them and see how beautiful they are for yourself, i'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised.

 - Chloe x

21 July 2015

New look - blog layout and perfume!!

Something that caught my eye in store recently was the new perfume range that New Look have released, the packaging is beautiful and each of the fragrances are a different colour. I stood and tested them all, and instantly fell in love with this one called Pure Dusk. We all know the struggle of how expensive perfumes are these days, so finding some cheaper alternatives which smell amazing is necessary.. and this one is so affordable I can spray generously without worrying that it will run out within a few weeks!! This affordable alternative is great for work, for those days where your not doing anything too fancy but still want to smell nice and for your bag, and at £7.99 for 50ml, it is an absolute steal (even cheaper if you have student discount.. how fab!) and for being an eau de parfum, the scent lasts all day!!

You can shop the collection online here, including rollerball versions (£2.99 and PERFECT for nights out) or head in store and give them a test! What summer perfumes have you been loving recently?

Chloe x