20 November 2014

Liebster Award..

Hey, i've been nominated for the Liebster Award thanks to the lovely Taylor over at TaylorrTalks - she has a super cute blog and i'm thankful she tagged me for my first tag post on my blog.

All you have to do is: 
Answer the questions that you were nominated to 
Nominate 11 bloggers, who have under 500 followers (blog or twitter) 
Think up of another 11 questions for them to answer!

1 - What are your top 3 favourite blogs?
My three favourite blogs which I find myself reading over and over are Charlotte @ ThingsIDoThinkAndBuySarah @ ThatPommieGirl and Em @ MyPaleSkin - they're my guilty pleasure blogs and I could literally sit and read them for hours.

 2 - The one make-up beauty product you cant live without? 
I honestly can't live without foundation, I have really trouble skin and without this I don't want to face the world. I can leave the house with just foundation on and not be phased at all, but baring my natural skin frightens me. 

3 - Whats your fvourite nail polish colour to have on your nails? 
I love a good burgundy, especially as its coming towards Winter..

4 - Favourite trend of Autumn/Winter this year? 
I love the reverse scarfs, I think they're a great addition to what could potentially be a plain outfit. I am also a big lover of the fur!! (faux obviously...)

5 - What are your favourite Christmas films?
Love a bit of home alone, the grinch and elf around Christmas time!!

 6 - Best and worst part about blogging? 
The best part of blogging is reading and sharing thoughts about genuine interests, its almost like a different world! I don't like the competitive side of blogging, where some people think its all about followers, how many page views you have and how many brands you work with.

7 - What are your staples when you're having a pamper night?
A face mask, good moisturiser, chocolate, nail varnish, onesie, fluffy socks.. 

8 - If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? 
It would be a dream to live somewhere like NY, LA or Australia.. 

9 - What's the most expensive beauty/fashion item that you own? 
The most expensive beauty item I own is probably my MAC foundation, i'm not typically a splurger. I don't own too many expensive fashion items either, I have a coat that was around the £90 mark I guess thats pretty pricey.

10 - What gives you inspiration for blog ideas? 
The world, literally driving past something can give me an idea for a post. I don't go out looking for inspiration I wait till I find it, I love experimenting and sometimes my ideas come from there.

11 - What is your favourite makeup brand?
I would have to say bourjois at the moment, they're just doing it for me...

Now the fun part, I nominate the lovely:

And the questions I would like you to answer.

1. If you could give one piece of advice about blogging, what would it be?
2. What is your biggest concern when going out, your makeup or outfit?
3. One current makeup look you are loving?
4. If you could have the wardrobe of any celebrity who would you choose and why?
5. If you could only shop with one makeup brand for the next 10 years, which one would you choose?
6. In a hurry would you rather do your eyebrows or eyelashes?
7. Where is your ideal holiday?
8. Sun or snow?
9. Are you more of a gold or silver jewellery person?
10. If you had the chance to style one celebrity for a shoot, who would you choose? What would you make them wear? How would you make them stand out?
11. What are your future goals for your blog? 


  1. Loved your answers, glad I could nominate you in your first tag! :) xx

  2. oops I've only just seen this, thank you for the nomination! xx

  3. I always love reading tag posts! Such a fun thing to do.
    Also, I love bourjois too. ;)
    Girl in a Whimsical Land


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